Preserving, protecting and growing your personal wealth during pharmacy transactions

02 August 2020



Pharmacists across the country have been through challenging times over the last few years, as they have faced combined threat of:


The threat of new entrants such as supermarkets.

Online provision of medicines supply.

Constant review of the NHS contract.


Consequently, many pharmacists have been forced to adapt and change their business models to ensure that they can continue to grow and participate in this increasingly challenging environment.


Pharmacy Seekers are happy to recommend a specialist financial consultancy to help you maximise your personal wealth when buying or selling pharmacies.


For many years Woolhouse Douglas have specialised in addressing the financial issues, both business and personal, which affect those in community pharmacy. Their advice and guidance has helped a range of clients protect their estates against the ever-present risk of inheritance tax, as well as developing effective exit strategies so that they release true value from their business asset when they come to retire or change direction.


By developing long-term trusted relationships with clients and understanding their objectives and aspirations for the future, Woolhouse Douglas empower clients to make astute business and personal decisions. They see their role as one of education, motivation, support and guidance. They work with you to develop tailored solutions to meet your unique circumstances.


Preserving, Protecting and Growing Your Personal Wealth


Woolhouse Douglas can offer you the benefit of a single relationship to meet all your financial needs and give you reassurance by planning for your long-term security. Whatever your circumstances, they will work closely with you to create a financial strategy personalised to your specific needs as an individual, your family and your business.


Their work is structured in three stages:






The “plan” stage is the most crucial part of building a financial future as it is the foundation upon which resilience and success is based. In order to build a robust plan, Woolhouse Douglas will work with you in the following areas:


Ensure that you have an up to date Will in place. If not, ensure a Will is discussed.

Visualise your exit from the business. What does financial retirement mean for you?

Piece together all your assets with value. This includes every pension plan, insurance policy with value, stocks, shares, ISAs, bonds and unit trusts.

Maximise the tax free investments, such as pensions and ISAs.

Have a review time each year to ensure the plan is on track.


Woolhouse Douglas will help you build your financial future in a simple structured way. All meetings are without cost or obligation. Please feel free to contact them on 0114 2808010 or